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Mr. Vivek Sivarajan

Mb ChB MRCS MD FRCS Plast (Consultant Plastic Surgeon)

Vivek is a Full Member of BAPRAS & BAAPS

Thigh Lift

As we age the thigh region droops more than any other area of the body due to the large volume of fat and other tissues in this area. In many cases the thighs can be reshaped suing liposuction techniques, however in cases where liposuction alone cannot improve this area due to flaccid or loose skin, then the most practical option is a thigh lift.

A medial (inner) thigh lift is normally performed under a general anaesthesia. In many cases Liposuction is used in combination with the surgical thigh lift procedure, with the lipo being performed either before, after, or during the operation.

An incision is made at the top of the thigh on the inside of the leg making it almost invisible even in underwear. Both excess skin and fat are then removed, and the incision is closed

If the diameter of the leg is very large, the incision may need to be continued down the inside of the leg toward the knee. Where the incisions will be made will be advised and agreed with the patient prior to surgery.

Surgery normally takes 2-3 hours under general anaesthetic and is done as a day case patient.

After surgery there will be a level of swelling and bruising which will last for a few weeks, this swelling may also be apparent in your knees and ankles. However in around a month you will be able to return to normal activities.