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Mr. Vivek Sivarajan

Mb ChB MRCS MD FRCS Plast (Consultant Plastic Surgeon)

Vivek is a Full Member of BAPRAS & BAAPS

Breast Surgery

Vivek is one of the most prolific breast surgery Consultant in the UK and offers pioneering techniques such as the Walk In – Walk Out day case breast enlargements. As part of his training he specialised in highly complex breast surgery and reconstruction using his microsurgical skills and was part of a specialist team at the Canniesburn Unit in Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Vivek Offers the following Procedures for breast surgery

Breast Enlargement (also known as augmentation or a “Boob Job”)
Breast Enlargement normally involves the insertion of Breast Implants which are available in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Vivek will be able to use the state of the art Vectra Breast Scanning system which will model the look you wish to achieve based on your current body shape, thereafter you can agree with Vivek what implants best suit you.

Breast Enlargement using Fat Transfer
Breast Enlargement and Nipple Repositioning
Breast Uplift (Also known as a Mastopexy)

This is a procedure where existing breast tissue is reshaped to give a fuller and uplifted breast profile. In some cases it may also be required to use implants to achieve the desired results theis is known as an Augmented Mastopexy. Vivek will advise which procedure is best suited for you at your consultation.

Before and After

Before and After 3

Before and After 1

Before and after 2

Exchange / Removal of Implants
As you may be aware there was a major issue highlighted in 2012 when the regulatory agencies highlighted ongoing issue with PIP Implants which were manufactured with industrial grade silicone rather than medical grade product. This led to a flood of patients wishing to have their implants either removed or replaced. Vivek took a strong position on this and offered replacements surgery at cost to the patient, in a period where many of the companies who had implanted these defective devices tried to charge full procedure price to women many of whom were in great distress at the the potential health issue that might have been facing. In the ensuing two years after this problem arose Vivek undertook several hundred implant exchange procedures with ladies combing from Europe and further afield to have their surgery done by him.

Breast Reduction (Female)
There are several techniques that can be used to reduce breast size and again this can be modelled using the Vectra System, which will allow you to agree the best way forward for you with Vivek

Breast Reduction (Male also known as Gynaecomstia or “Man Boobs”)
The techniques are similar to those used in the female breast reduction techniques however in this case it may be possible to achieve the required result using liposuction on its own rather than in combination with other surgery.

Breast Reshaping (Voids and Lumps)
As we get older occasionally our bodies develop lumps under the skin in the breast area most of which are harmless and in many case do not cause a problem. However some may become unsightly and painful and require to be removed. This in turn may leave a depression in the skin after surgery , sometimes referred to as a “void” which you may also wish to have corrected.

Nipple Correction Surgery
There are several common conditions which may affect the cosmetic appearance of a person’s nipple, such as inverted nipples or misshapen areola, which Vivek can treat, in some cases on a “See & Treat”. i.e. the procedure will take place directly after consultation

Our Prices

Treatment Price
Breast Surgery £3000 to £8000